Walgreens Pharmacy Savings: $25 Gift Card & $15 Bonus

Once again, Walgreens is offering a free $25 gift card when you transfer your prescriptions and use THIS printable coupon.

You can also get a $15 bonus when you sign up or renew your Prescription Savings Club membership. Details HERE.

  • Pay $20 for individual or $35 for family membership and get a $15 bonus loaded on your card after you are enrolled for 30 days.
  • Membership gets you huge discounts on prescriptions along with 10% bonuses every time you purchase Walgreens or Nice brands or photofinishing services.
  • Bonuses accumulated are automatically deducted from your total on future purchases when you scan your card.
  • If at the end of your membership you have not realized savings equal or greater than membership fee you are entitled to a store credit.  Details HERE (scroll down to Guaranteed Savings).