Top Office Supply Rewards Programs

Here’s a rundown of how the big three office supply stores handle their rewards programs.

Office Max

MaxPerks Rewards is the only of the office supply rewards programs that allows you to “roll” your rewards. That means you can use rewards you earned on one purchase to buy something else that produces more rewards. This is a great way to minimize your out-of-pocket expense throughout the year.

Generally, this program gives you $25 back for every $500 you spend on qualifying purchases. But that’s not the best part. Just about every week, you’ll find products in-store and online available with 100% back in MaxPerks Rewards. On these purchases, your rewards account is credited the next month with the full amount of the product(s) and this credit is valid for 90 days. You can spend it on anything in the store, including items that produce more rewards! Members also receive exclusive savings by email and snail mail.

Another way to earn rewards is to participate in the recycling program. Earn $2 for every ink or toner cartridge you recycle, up to a maximum of $20 per month. More information can be found on the Terms and Conditions page.

Office Depot

Similar to the Office Max program, WorkLife Rewards gives Office Depot shoppers select items throughout the year available with 100% back in rewards $$. However, unlike Maxperks, you cannot use these rewards to purchase other items that produce more rewards.

The program also gives you 10% back on ink, toner, paper and copy and print services. Get $2 back in Rewards for every ink or toner cartridge you recycle in store when you make qualifying Office Depot purchases, up to a limit of 10 cartridges per month. Your rewards are paid quarterly in the form of an Office Depot Rewards Certificate if you earn a minimum of $10 in Rewards and are valid for 90 days. More details can be found on the Terms & Conditions page.


Staples Rewards members will also snag some items with 100% back in rewards dollars. Just keep your eyes peeled throughout the year.  These rewards cannot be “rolled”.  You’ll also earn 10% back on ink, toner, case & ream paper or copy/print services.  Rewards are issued within 30 days of the last day of the month they were earned, and expire the last day of the month two months following the month in which they are issued. Did you get that???

Spending $500+ at Staples will automatically upgrade your rewards account to Plus status.  With this upgrade, you’ll be able to redeem rewards when you’ve earned just $5 (instead of $10) back on ink, paper or print.  You’ll also get some awesome high value coupons by mail and email. Plus Members also receive free delivery on all orders, and, from time to time, in store events, offers, free products and services.

The ink recycling program is the same, earning you $2 per cartridge, with a maximum of 10 per month.  View the Terms and Conditions page for more details.

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