Three Ways to Get Back on the Coupon Bandwagon

Couponing burnout happens to the best of us. With so many deals and only so many hours in a week, it’s easy for a person to get overwhelmed. If this has happened to you, here are three easy ways to add couponing back into your routine.

1) Have A Goal
At the beginning of the year, I challenged myself to refill my stockpile using just $10 per week. I chose to focus on personal care, cleaning items and pantry staples with a goal of having a 6-12 month supply on hand by the end of the year. I even made a specific list that includes the quantity I need of each.

You’ll notice my goals are specific.  I have a weekly dollar limit, a specific list of items, and a quantity for each. That makes my progress measurable. In the past, my couponing felt more like a “drop in the bucket” in my saving endeavors. But now I can document my progress and see myself inching closer to my goal with just a little bit of effort and a few bucks each week. It has been just the kind of encouragement I needed to stick with it.

Consider taking some time to make a list of items you would like to include in a stockpiling goal. Estimate how many you need to have on hand for a 6-12 month supply. Then focus your couponing efforts on these specific goals.

2) Be Accountable
Whenever possible, it helps to have a couponing buddy. When two people concentrate their efforts on a similar goal, the spirit of competition kicks in and keeps you going when you get a little burned out.

If you don’t have a coupon buddy, you can still keep yourself accountable using your budget. In our family I use the envelope budget system.  To keep myself on track at the grocery store, I use one envelope to cover groceries and dining out. When I am able to save big at the grocery store, we can enjoy a nice restaurant meal together. When I don’t, we don’t go. This is quite the incentive to maximize my savings because we love our weekly restaurant meal!

Consider using a similar budgeting strategy to keep yourself focused.  Find a way to reward yourself for staying on track by saving extra from the shopping fund for a highly motivating goal.

3) Cut Yourself Some Slack
Every once in a while you will forget to buy a Sunday paper, or print a coupon. Or you may have an overwhelming week and miss your deal shopping altogether. It happens. When I have a challenging week, I know I can “roll” my $10 weekly stockpiling fund into the next week, thus giving me $20 to shop with. There are no rules. Just do your best and give yourself some grace when you need it.