The $40 Stockpile Challenge Reader Results


I hope y’all have been working on your stockpiles this spring! We have had some amazing drug store deals so far, and I expect they’ll get even better as the year goes on. Reader Rochelle shared her success for the month of March. Can you believe she was able to get all this for just over $39?


So large was her haul, that she couldn’t fit it all on one pic!

She said,

“I think for the rest of the year I’ll only have to buy actual food items. I’ll still pick up the free finds and replenish, but I think I’ve got most things covered!”

Wow! A full stockpile accomplished in three months. Awesome job, Rochelle! You are entered in the $40 Stockpile Challenge for March, and since you’re the only entry – you win! Thanks for encouraging all of us with your success. Your gift card is on the way!

We welcome you to join us in April. Head over HERE to read the rules. Just be sure to snap a pic and give a brief description of your trips so others can see how you did it and be inspired to stock up themselves!