Target Debit Card: 5% Off + Free Shipping

For those of you who are new to the couponing world, you may not know the benefits of a Target Red Debit Card. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Connect your checking account to a Target Red Debit and use it to make your in-store and online purchases.
  • Purchase amount is deducted from your checking account, just as it would be if you used a regular debit card.
  • You’ll get an automatic 5% discount on your purchase in-store or online.
  • Free shipping on any size order when you use it.
  • There is no fee to have this card.

You can head over HERE to read more.  Just be sure to notice that there are two types of Target Red Cards: Debit and Credit.  Be sure to look at the information under Debit.  Head over HERE to get the application.


  1. This sounds too good to be true! What’s the catch?

    • I know, right? It really is great. The only downside I can see is that I couldn’t use the “pay with cash” system I prefer. But they’ve had this offer around for years and only just added the free shipping part. No catch. I’m thinking Target must earn their money on the backend from the banks or perhaps from visa/mc since this is a debit card.