Revlon Nail Clippers and Nail Filers on sale for $1.24 each at CVs


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Revlon Nail Clippers and Nail filers on sale

I tend to do my own nails a lot. Nail salons can be pricey and expensive, so I always buy filers and clippers to maintain them. I always buy extra nail clippers because it seems my family loses them all the time! Revlon nail clippers and nail filers are my top choice to choose. They never let me down and last longer than regular store brand nail clippers and nail filers. You can get Revlon Nail clippers and nail filers on sale today!


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Nail Care for less

CVS has got your nailcare needs covered this month! Here is how you can get Revlon nail clippers and Revlon nail filers for $1.24 each!

 Buy 1 Revlon Nail Clippers at $3.69 and 1 Revlon Nail Files on sale

(20 pk) at $3.79.

  •  You will pay exactly $7.48.

Earn $5 ECBs.


Final Total: $2.48 or $1.24 for each!

Thanks PCAD!

Snag One A Day with Nature’s Medley for $1

oad naturs medley


One A Day with Nature’s Medley on sale

Even as an adult, I still take vitamins. I sure as heck make sure my kids and husband do too! We don’t always get the nutrition we need from everyday food. I take One A Day women’s with Nature’s Medley because it gives me the most natural vitamins and free from artificial flavors and sweeteners. The sweet vitamins always disguise themselves and have tons of high fructose corn syrup, which I do not want myself or my family to ingest. I trust  One A Day with Nature’s Medley to keep me and my family healthy. If you don’t take vitamins and want to, I highly suggest  One A Day with Nature’s Medley and get the most nutrients necessary for you and your family’s health. You can get  One A Day with Nature’s Medley on sale today!


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Nutrition for every member of the family

CVS has One A Day with Nature’s Medley on sale for $5! You can get it for exactly $1 with a handy dandy printable coupon! Choose a One A Day with Nature’s Medley whether it’s the one for kids, men or women and with this printable coupon, you can get it for $1 today! The combination of the sale and the $4 off a One A Day Nature’s Medley coupon is bound to make these vitamins go out fast. Get your One A Day with Nature’s Medley on sale today!


*** Printable $4 off One A Day with Nature’s Medley coupon****

Snag these $18 worth of personal care coupons


Personal care coupons

It’s always a hassle running out of little things like razors, lotion, tampons, etc. Simple things like that can be costly sometimes. If you are looking to save some cash and get the personal care items you need, we found quite a few coupons for you. Schick, Eucerin, Aveeno, and Playtex are by far the most brands I use for myself. I’m always running out of lotion all the time with this cold weather. Today, you can save and get a bang for your buck with these personal care coupons.


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Stock up on these personal care brands

Whether you shop at Target, CVS, or Walgreens, you can use these $18 worth of personal care coupons. $18 savings is huge for personal care items. Clip and print these $18 worth of personal care coupons at any store that takes printable coupons! Save today with these $18 worth of personal care coupons today!


***$18 worth of personal care coupons***

Shadow Squad by Almay on sale for only 99¢ at CVS


Almay Shadow Squad on sale

I’ve been a beauty enthusiast since I learned how to put on lipstick..the right way lol! I always look forward to buying new makeup when I have the chance.  I have recently got into Almay Shadow Squads. They absolutely every nude color and couple of fun colors I like. They come in a handy case and whichever color you choose it has that color in 4 finishes: matte, satin, metallic, and glitter. That is perfect for whatever you look you are trying to go for. You can get a couple of Almay Shadow Squads on sale today!


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Beautiful eyeshadow deal for the ladies

CVS is having a sweet deal on Almay Eyeshadows.  Next week, starting 10/14, CVS will offer a $5 ECB when you buy 2 Almay cosmetics. With a few additional coupons for extra savings, you can pick up Shadow Squads for only 99¢!

Here is how you can get Almay Shadow Squads for 99¢


  • 2 Almay Shadow Squads @ $6.99

Use thee coupons:

  • $3/$12 Almay cosmetics purchase CVS coupon printing from the Magic Coupon Center
  • (2) $2 off Almay eyeshadow, excl value packs, SS 10/14

Pay: $6.98

Earn back: $5 ExtraCare Buck

Final Price: 99¢ each Shadow Squad!

Treat yourself to 19¢ CoverGirl Cosmetics


COVERGIRL Easy Breezy Brow Fill + Shape + Define Powder Eyebrow Makeup, Rich Brown

CoverGirl cosmetics on sale

CoverGirl is always the first brand I consider when buying make-up. I absolutely love with Easy Breezy Brow, I can never leave my house without my eyebrows filled in. All the beauty enthusiasts have a treat today, you can CoverGirl cosmetics on sale!


Beautiful Brows

CVS has a great deal for all the Cover Girl lovers. Next week on 10/14  you can get $5 ECB for buying 2 CoverGirl cosmetics. You will only be able to use it once, but you can get 2 Easy Breezy Brow for 19¢ each!


Snag this printable coupon :



  • (2) CoverGirl Easy Breezy Brow at  $4.69 Reg. Pric
    • Total: $5.38
    • Earn: $5 ECB

Final Price: 38¢ total or 19¢ each! 



***CoverGirl Coupons***

Treat yourself to 2 Free Revlon Kiss balms

kiss balmss

Free Revlon Kiss Balms

Revlon Kiss lip balm is my absolute favorite right now. It’s way too cold here to wear just matte lipstick. A good tinted lip balm is definitely what is needed to keep your lips hydrated. You can never go wrong with Revlon Kiss lip balm. You can score 2 free Revlon Kiss lip balm today!




Hydration with a pop of color

CVS has got a great deal for all the beauty enthusiast out there!  On 10/14, you can buy 2 Revlon cosmetics at CVS and get back a $5 ExtraCare Bucks. Through this deal and with handy additionall coupons, you can 2 free Revlon Kiss Balms!

How to get 2 free Revlon Kiss Balms 

  • Buy: 
    • 2  of your favorite color of Revlon Kiss Balms at $5.99
  • Use these coupons: 
    • $3 off $12 Cosmetics purchase CVS coupon from the handy  Magic Coupon Center
    • (2) $2 off Revlon lip color, SS 10/14

Pay: $4.98

  • Get Back: $5 ECB

Final Price: 2 Revlon Kiss Balms for FREE! 

Free Gray Away at your local CVS!


gray away

Free Gray Away

As we get older our beautiful natural hair color starts turning gray. I get my hair dyed when I can to defy mother nature, but when I’m too busy or honestly just too broke to go to the stylist. I buy Gray Away to touch up my roots. I love the easy to use pinpoint applicator it has to get the most precise coverage. It also adapts to your hair color to get the best coverage and drys fast so you can’t stain your hands! It washes out when you shampoo your hair but if you ladies only wash your hair once or twice a week this is an absolutely great way to save on going to the stylist. You can yourself some free Gray Away today!



CVSs got you and your roots covered

CVS  has got a sale on Gray Away for $8.99, but luckily you also earn $4 ECB for buying 1 1 Everpro Gray Away .1 – 1.5oz. Also check this weekend’s RMN insert for Gray Away Coupons with this combined with $4 ECB and your favorite rebate app: Ibotta. This awesome Gray Away  Touch Up Quick Stick is a small money maker!

How to get a free Gray Away Touch up stick (Thru 10/13)

  • Buy:
    • (1) Everpro Gray Away Touch Up Quick Stick $8.99, Sale Price
  • Use:
    • RMN 10/7/18: $3/1 Any Shade Gray Away Root Touch Up Quick Stick exp. 1/31/19 

Total = $5.99 & $4 ECB for buying 1


Ibotta Rebate:

Ending price: Free & 51¢ money maker!

Spoil yourself with $6 worth of CoverGirl coupons

covergirl coupons

Covergirl coupons

Covergirl has been my favorite makeup brand since I first started putting on make-up. I absolutely love their gel eyeliners for that perfectly lined look as well as their Perfect Slice mascara! I always stock up on my beauty favorites from Cover Girl. Today we got awesome CoverGirl coupons to save you on some Covergirl beauty products for you! I can’t wait to use mine!


covergirl products

Save on timeless Covergirl products has got you covered for three new Covergirl coupons worth $6 in total! Stock up on your beauty favorites from Cover Girl.  These coupons have no limits.  Redeem as many as you want before they all expire on 11/4/2018.  Splurge on all your CoverGirl favorites at CVS until the ending date. This deal gets sweeter because CVS is offering $6 ECBs when you spend $15 on CoverGirl Cosmetics (limit 1) which will save you so much on with the coupons for Covergirl beauty products!  Download these  $6 worth of CoverGirl coupons today!


***Download $6 worth of CoverGirl coupons***

Rimmel Eye Cosmetics for $1.29 each!


Rimell Eye Cosmetics on sale

Rimell is by far my go-to for eye make-up! I’m totally obsessed with their Exxagerate liner. Luckily, we got a cool coupon for all the Rimell cosmetics lovers out there! Get this Rimell eye cosmetics coupon today!



Treat yourself with Rimmel Eye cosmetics

Today you can $4 ECB at your local CVS when you spend $10 on Rimmel Cosmetics. Plus, we got a  Rimmel Eye Product coupon for you to make this deal extra sweet.  With this Rimmel Eye product coupon and $4 ECB, here is how you can get Rimmel eye cosmetics for $1.29 each!

Rimmel Eye Cosmetics deal ( valid thru 10/13)

  • Buy (1) Rimmel Exxagerate Liner, $5.99 Reg. Price
  • Buy (1) Rimmel Brow This Way Gel or Sculpting Kit, $4.59 Reg. Price
  • Use(2) $2.00 OFF any ONE (1) Rimmel Eye Product coupon

Total = $4.58, Get back $4 ECB for spending $10
=  $1.29 each


***$2.00 OFF any ONE (1) Rimmel Eye Product coupon**