Get all your favorite Kellogg’s cereals for 39¢ each!!!!

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Kellog’s cereals on sale

Kellog’s is the maker of many of my favorite cereals such as Apple Jacks and Froot Loops. I always stock up on them for my daily morning cereal. I can’t imagine a day where I couldn’t have some Apple Jacks with my coffee. Today you can get some delicious Kellogg’s cereal on sale today!


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Delicious and nutritious cereal

This week at Walgreens through (10/13) Kellogg’s cereal is on sale for $1.99 each. You’re also in for another sweet treat of a Bonus Points Booster coupon in the sales flyer or if you prefer to do it digitally, you can clip it to your card and use it then. The Bonus Points Booster coupon combined with coupons and rebates, you can pick up your favorite Kellogg’s cereals for only $0.39 per cereal box.

How to score Kellog’s cereal for 39¢


  •  5 Kellogg’s Wild Berry Fruit Loops  @ $1.99
  • 5 Kellogg’s Apple Jacks @$1.99
  • 2 Kellogg’s Corn Pops @ $1.99


  • 1 Purex detergent $1.99

Use: 5,000 Balance Rewards Points Bonus Points Booster Walgreens in-ad coupon

Pay: $18.87

Earn: 5,000 Balance Rewards Points

Submit for:

Total Price: $0.39 each!