Shine in 2009 Update

Here is an update on my 2009 goals. Posting updates keeps me accountable! It also serves as a way to share with other moms things that are working for my family:

Christmas 2009 for Free:
~Thanks to Swagbucks I have $176.00 in free gift cards. My goal is to have $700 by November, just in time for some serious online holiday deals.
~My ING Savings account has grown to $240. Whenever I am sent a check for completing surveys, it is deposited into this account. My goal is to have $1000 by Christmas.
Total goal is $1700 – that’s Christmas for a family of 7 plus a birthday here and there! Learn all about surveys HERE.

~My contribution to the monthly family income comes from my blogging earnings. Read how you can earn money blogging HERE. So far this month I have earned over $1400. The biggest earner for me is Logical Media .

~I spend about 4 hours per week clipping and organizing coupons, scanning sale flyers, and formulating my shopping plans for Walgreens, CVS, Target and WalMart. The average savings (as recorded on my receipts) is $207.41 per week. That’s for a family of 7 and includes all stockpile items. It also should be noted that these are retail prices before sales and coupons, so I never had any intention of paying anywhere near this amount! Still – not too shabby. Learn the basics of couponing HERE.
~Make Ahead Meals – I haven’t calculated how much I save by making my meals ahead. But I know it’s substantial. We have snacks and convenience foods in addition to several dinners awaiting us in the freezer so we aren’t inclined to run out for a pizza! These are good recipes too! More on Make Ahead Meals HERE.


  1. Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge says:

    this is a serious (not joking) question: do you put your kids in daycare at all in order to get your blog work done? Don’t worry – I would not judge you. AS a matter of fact, I was thinking that if you are earning a lot of money with this blog and all your couponing, you really are a working mom. I’m just wondering because I cannot imagine how you have time to blog, and shop, and clip coupons, AND take care of your family. I would like to do what you do but I dont’ have the balancing act down quite yet.

  2. Well for one thing, I think your kids are smaller than mine. Four out of five of mine are in school all day. Many of my dinner meals are already in the freezer. And my 14yo and hubby help when they are home. Its really not so bad at all!