Saving Without Coupons: Thrifting

Confession time: I am a reformed thrift store snob.

I blame my mother. Mom, are you reading this? Those ’70’s striped pants you bought me when I was in 1st grade? I have nightmares.

Stripy polyester nightmares.

But when the economy tanked a few years ago and things got tight for us, I decided to rethink my snobbery. I found a couple nice non-smelly stores that had a good selection and I haven’t looked back.

Nowadays, I’d say 30-40% of our clothing comes from thrift stores. I find name brand items in great condition for $1-$2 bucks.  With four boys, stuff wears out quickly. So I am most grateful to have found a way to keep them looking nice on a budget. That haul pictured above cost me $14.50. Here’s what I got:

  • Jeans for hubby
  • Shorts for hubby
  • Two t-shirts for hubby
  • Tee for my teen
  • Two button down shirts for my youngest
  • Two shorts for my middle boys
  • Three shirts for my middle boys

In all, I have 12 items of clothing for $14.50.  That’s $1.21 each.  Even on my best day of bargain shopping, I couldn’t beat that. To maximize your savings, I suggest visiting every 1-2 weeks so you have a better chance of finding the good stuff in the sizes you need.

If you, like me, are a recovering thrift store snob, might I suggest you take an afternoon and scope out the stores in your area. I think you might be happily surprised.  And stay tuned for a fab furniture thrift store trash to treasure project I will be unveiling!

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