Reader Pic: Stockpiling Success

I’m a little behind the 8 ball in posting this pic from Stacy’s stockpile shopping last week. My littlest guy has been under the weather and is just now starting to feel better. In any event, Stacy was able to stretch her budget and snag the following deals:

Purex $2.99 – $1 coupon = $1.99
2x Softsoap 2/$6 – $0.50 coupons minus 3000 points = $2
2x Edge $2.99 each – BOGO coupon = $1.99

Schick Hydro $2.99 – $0.75 mf coupon – $1 Target coupon = $1.24
2x Market Pantry Pasta Sauce $1 each – $1.50/2 Target coupon = $0.50
2x Campbell’s Go Soups $2.29 each – $1 coupons – $1/2 Target coupon = $1.58
2x Yakisoba noodles $0.79 – $0.50 coupons = $0.58
4x Oral B Indicator toothbrushes $1.74 each – $1/2 coupons – $5 gift card = FREE with $0.04 profit

2x Kraft Shredded Cheese Just for U coupon and BOGO free sale = $1.88

$11.72 (I had 2 dollars left over from last week’s stockpile purchases)

Remember these deals are from last week, but it’s a great illustration of how far $10 can go toward your stockpiling when you set your mind to it!

Thanks, Stacy! You are entered for a chance to win the $20 Amazon gift card for the month of March. If you’re new to this challenge you can scroll through HERE to see what we have been doing. Send me a pic and description of your haul (momsbyheart at gmail dot com) and if I use it on the blog you’ll be entered for a chance to win the gift card. Enter as often as once per week.