$10 Stockpiling Challenge Recap & February Winner

Congrats to all the amazing readers who entered the $10 Stockpiling Challenge in February. The photos above show what they were able to do last month.

  • Kim – 10 items for $1.59
  • Kassie – 11 items for $10.06
  • Stacy – doubles coupons & gets 23 items for $9.27
  • Chris – doubles coupons for a profit
  • Ramsen – 8 items for $10.63
  • Robin – price matching at Walmart $9.83
  • Julia – 18 rolls bath tissue plus 7 other items for $12.44
  • Cheryl – $57 worth for free
  • Kassie – $6.16 for 26 items
  • Jennifer – 30 items for $11.61

Thanks to all who took the time to share their trips and encourage the rest of us! And congrats to reader Kassie who is the winner of the $20 Amazon gift card for February.

Head over HERE to read about the $10 Stockpiling Challenge or scroll through HERE to see our purchases so far. Create your own stockpile list and challenge yourself to chip away at it every week. Your list should be based on your own family needs and preferences, and does not need to be like ours. The only rule is to limit yourself to $10 and see what you can do!

We’d love to see your success.  You can send a photo and description of your haul to momsbyheart at gmail dot com. If I use it on the blog you will be entered for a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card. One winner per month, enter as often as once per week!