My Stockpiling Trip Week 5: Total Cost $0.15!

This week is a little ho-hum in the bargain department. Here’s what I did so far. I will (hopefully) be venturing out more this week to add to my stash. I think there are still some Speed Stick deodorants I can get for free at the Dollar Tree, so I’ll give that a whirl.

CVS Trip
Look for clearance deals on shampoo, deodorant, body wash and oral hygiene products. They’re going to vary by store, but it would be worth a look if you’re out and about. My store was sold out of most of it, but here’s what I snagged:

(1) Enchant Cherry Body Wash $0.59 (clearance)
(1) Speed Stick Power Deodorant $0.99 (with store coupon nla)
(2) Colgate Toothpaste 2.8 oz. $1.57, B1G1 free (clearance)
-$1/1 Speed Stick 2/3 SS insert
-$2/2 any Toothpaste coupon from the Magic Coupon Machine
Final Price: All for $0.15!

So yes, it was a small haul this week. But for $0.15 I can’t complain.

Beginning Balance This Week: $10 + $2.99 left over from last week = $12.99
Left To Spend: $12.84
I still have $2.50 in Ibotta deposits and 4000 Balance Rewards at Walgreens from week 2.

If you’re following along in this challenge, be encouraged. You’re not going to knock it out of the park every single week. That’s perfectly okay. Just roll the money into the next week and keep on chugging along. Slowly but surely you’ll see your efforts pay off! You don’t need to be a spastic, crazy-eyed, drooling hoarder to do this. You can be normal and use a coupon here and there and still see amazing results over time. Check out what I’ve managed to do with just $37 and 5 weeks:

Total Stockpile So Far (cost: $37.19)
60 Bath Tissues Double Rolls (goal: 364 double rolls)
8 Body Wash (goal: 24)
6 Deodorant (goal: 24)
9 Toothpaste (goal: 24)
4 Mouthwash (goal: 12)
7 Dish Liquid (goal: 12)
2 Dishwasher Tabs = 50 loads (goal: 728 loads)
13 Cans of Soup (goal: 26)
8 Hand Soap (goal: 36)

This is what un-extreme couponing looks like. I’m talking one quick trip to CVS on my way to run errands. Anyone can do that.


Would You Like to Join Us?
Head over HERE to read all about the $10 Per Week Stockpiling Challenge. In a nutshell, we are creating a list of non-perishables, personal and home care items and setting a goal to have a 6-12 month supply on hand by the end of the year.  Our weekly budget is $10.  And here’s the important part.  We’re using $10 the real way.  Not $40 spent with $30 back in store rewards.  We have one single ten dollar bill and we’re using it to see how much we can walk out of the store with.

If you decide to take the challenge, you are welcome to send a photo and a list of your stockpile purchases to momsbyheart at gmail dot com.  If I use it on the blog you will be entered for a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card. I’ll randomly choose one winner each month, and you may enter as often as once a week.