My New Coupon Organizer!

I have a lot of coupons – and not a lot of time. So I’ve been looking for a *cute* and functional change from the typical coupon binder. I’ve found that it takes me too much time to fold the coupons to fit into the clear plastic holders, and I don’t have the patience!!!

I’ve seen several ideas online for coupon boxes using everything from recipe boxes to tackle boxes to briefcases! But yesterday while shopping in Michaels, I found the perfect solution:

Ta-daaah! Using this box, I’ll be able to quickly clip and file coupons each week without wanting to *ahem* throw them across the room. Here’s how I made it:

This week, Michaels has the Recollections Photo Boxes for 3/$5 or $1.66 each. The Martha Stewart Punch Pad cost $6.29 and contains 30 decorative sheets of card stock that are just about the perfect size for making dividers! Total purchase price: $7.95

Inside the box, I was thrilled to find some pre-made dividers that I used as templates. Here’s what mine look like:

Next, I printed my titles on regular copy paper,

cut them out, and glued them on. Voila!

If you’re really creative, you could even decorate the box!

Here are my divider titles:

Divider Titles


  1. Thanks so much for this. I have recently been tempted to create a coupon binder but I really wanted something that was easy to navigate and organize. I'm definitely copying this. Oh and you saved me money with this idea.

  2. I quickly discovered that a coupon binder doesnt work for me either. I currently have a bigger version of what you've done for the entire inserts (monthly system), but I'm starting to get overwelmed w/ the coupons that I actually cut, get in the mail, or pick up in the store, so I think I'll have to do what you've done also. Maybe using the pretty paper will make me keep it organized.

  3. I love it! I have tried the coupon binder using baseball card inserts and found it to be too tedious. This may be great. I have a question….do you take this to the store with you?

    ~ Lacie

  4. Hi – I do take this to the store on my *big* shopping days. I plan my list and take out the coupons I intend to use. But bringing in the box allows me to take advantage of unadvertised sales and clearances

  5. great, cute idea!! don't forget the michael's coupons!!!

  6. Wonderful! I can't see what all the tabs have on them. Could you post a list…I can only see what you have on the first page.

    Thanks so much!

  7. Let me start by saying I love your box! It's so pretty and creative.

    But I'm curious on how you are going to prevent accidentally dropping it and spilling the contents. That's a major concern of mine. I also do the filing method and I use a tackle box that I threw on the floor a few times to make sure it wouldn't burst open. It is no where near as pretty as yours.


  8. Thanks! I've been wanting to create one too.

  9. Hi Kristin! I have a wide ribbon I wrap around the top and velcro to the bottom. You could also use a small craft store latch on each side of the box lid.

    I don't have any matching fabric but if I did, I'd stitch a 2" wide strip that would wrap around the box and attach to itself with velcro. I think that would be cute – for now though I was just concerned with quick and functional!

  10. This is a really cute idea – I love how you made the box "fun" by adding the pretty paper!

    I've linked to you over at my blog! Thanks for sharing!

  11. You've inspired me so much that I'm going to make one for myself & I've also linked to you on my blog.

  12. I am soooooooo going to do this project THIS WEEK! I have done every kind of coupon organization I can think of and NOTHING has worked for me and my needs yet. I am going to try this.

    I am also going to put in a section for FREE and one for EXPIRING THIS WEEK. Thanks for the Scribd document too.

    I have the box and now the labels. I just need to pick up a few other little items you mentioned. I even have the velcro.

    I'm going to repost and link back too. Won't be fast, but I'll get it up.

    KILLER idea! SWEET!


  13. Oh forgot, those little $1.00 photo albums you get at Walmart in the photo frame/camera area will fit in this box too.

    I'll be putting store specific coupons in those and then tucking inside the box.

    We should be neighbors. We'd make a few each! LOL


  14. Thanks Ginger! I'll have to look for those photo albums – I could use one to keep my register rewards, ecbs and rebate info – oh and of COURSE my Target gift cards from all those ATS deals!

  15. What do you actually put the coupons in? Envelopes or what?

  16. Hi Myranda – think of it as one big recipe box. The dividers separate the coupons by subject much like they would separate index cards in a recipe box. That's all there is.

    I don't put my coupons in envelopes because I don't like how it looks – and I don't find it helps them stay put. It's certainly something you could do though.

  17. Lori,

    I went to Micheal's today and could not find the punch pad paper like your. Could you give me advise on some other kind of paper to use for the index cards.


  18. Hi Nyla – I found my pad over in the "Martha Stewart aisle" Otherwise, any pad of scrapbooking card stock would work, esp with those divider templates =) I'd love to see it when youre done!

  19. what size is the box?

  20. Hi Michelle – you can click on the photos above to see them enlarged. The second photo is a close up of the box and says 7 7/8 x 11 3/8. This size works perfect for me, but you could use a recipe box or a smaller/larger photo box to suit your coupon needs =) This brand is always available at Michaels!

  21. Bridges Family Fun Page says:

    How can you keep them all standing up and not falling backwards until you fill up the box with coupons? Help. thanks for all your help and suggestions.

  22. Hi Bridges Family – I picked the size box based on my coupon stash – and if you have quite a bit less a recipe box might work. I've seen cute ones on ebay.

    Or if you are just new to saving coupons and want to use this system you can use a large paper clip to affix coupons to the tabs to keep everything in place until your stash grows =)

  23. Hi!
    I *love* your coupon organizer! Beautiful and useful!

    Since I am completely a perfectionist (lol) I was wondering what font and size you used for your labels…I printed those but want to add my local stores :) Thanks so much!

  24. Hi Lauren – I used Segoe Print and font size 22


  25. I also use a box instead. My binder just wasn't working for me. I have a friend who sells for Creative Memories and so I have a square black photo box and the lid attaches to the box by way of straps on each side so "no spillage". Also, my index cards are alphabetical. I tried the tab names too but I'd find that I didn't know where to put certain products so filing everything alphabetically worked better for me.

  26. Can you buy tab dividers that will fit an index card box?

    • Post-It makes some tabs and they stay on pretty well. So you could use an index card as a divider and just add the tab if that would work.

  27. Wonderful idea…I will try it. Like that it’s pretty, too! We do need to treat ourselves!

  28. I have been using a photo box from Michaels for my couponing for quite awhile now (I outgrew my coupon organizer and don’t like the binder method). I use my box length wise so that it fits perfectly in the shopping cart on my grocery store/drug store visits. I have the photo box inside of a tote bag with a flat bottom, so the whole bag fits into the cart, but the coupon box is visible and accessible. It’s so easy to flip through the sections while shopping. (I had to make larger dividers to fit length wise).

  29. This is such a great idea! I have been trying to figure out something along these lines and you have done just that! I hope you don’t mind my stealing the idea. Thanks so much for sharing this with us couponers!

  30. I’m in the middle of redoing my coupon box and thought mine was pretty snazzy til I saw this! I have to do it like yours! Did you laminate the dividers?

    I had the binder for well over a year, and while it looks nice all full and organized, it is a pain in the rump to file/purge coupons. So I switched to the box a few months ago and wow so much easier! But mine is ugly.

    Headed to Michaels before I pick up the kids now – thank you! I hope i can find a 40% off one item coupon for Michaels, but even if I can’t, the boxes are never very expensive. Thank you for sharing your box – it’s so “happy” looking :)

  31. Just wondering , How do you keep the coupons from falling foward if the box is only half full ? Do you put something in the bottom of the box ?

    • Hi Lisa – I use a small size cosmetic bag I found on clearance at Target. It’s filled with items like pens, sm pair of scissors, calculator, sharpie marker, etc. I can tip the bag on it’s long side on weeks where I have fewer coupons (to take up the extra space in the front of the box), or sit it upright.

  32. I also use this box, when my coupon stash is large, an elastic headband is an inexpensive (FREE) way to keep the top secure.

  33. Stumbled upon this post when I was doing a search, looking for a better way to store my extra clipped/store coupons (instead of the FOUR plastic boxes taking up space on my desk!). I am in LOVE with the way this turned out. Photo boxes are on sale this week @ Michaels 5/$10 and A.C. Moore has a 50% coupon (valid today only) that they will take. This is going to be my project this week :)

  34. I saw your lovely coupon box on Pinterest and I am so excited! I am over my coupon binder, it is too much work for me every week. I have five kids every minute of eery day counts! I am almost done with my box now, and the best part is I am just using a photo box I already own and my own scrapbooking paper! I found a template for a tiny photo box file folder online and I downloaded it and, voila! No more binder for me!

  35. This is so cute!! I just wanted to let you know I featured it on my couponing website.

  36. I love this idea!! I lug around my binder and it is super tedious… The fun part is that I already have everything to complete this project. Also I try to keep my coupons in my kitchen so that I can quickly cut and file when I see them and this is going to look so much better on my counter then that bulky binder. Yay!!

    Thank you so much!

  37. How do you file the qs though? example all the food q’s how do you file them in the food tab? if your looking for a food item do you go through all the qs?

    • Hi Diana – I don’t have a “food” tab, instead I have them broken down into canned, frozen, candy, dairy etc. So when I have a coupon to file, I file it behind the respective category as you would a recipe in a recipe box.

      If I am looking for a frozen item for example, then yes, I go thru all the frozen coupons just as you would go thru them in a binder.