Momspiration Monday

This week I will be tackling my laundry room in an effort to be more efficient and money saving. I will also be painting, organizing and prettifying it a little. Here are my favorite ideas from across the web. First off, I found this free printable in a variety of colors over at Minus.

I was interested to learn that chalk is an effective tool for removing grease stains. Did you know that? Head over to Apartment Therapy to get the scoop.

Make It Do tells us we can use lemon as an alternative to bleach.

If you have a tiny sock thieving elf living in your dryer, use this tip from Better in Bulk to keep the pairs together.

Jillee from One Good Thing discovered a magic formula for removing armpit stains.

Ana White has an ingenious idea for organizing laundry baskets.

Do you have any laundry tips? Share them in the comments!