Meal Planning: 40 Recipes For Shredded Chicken

Meal Planning: 40 Recipes For Shredded Chicken

One way to make mealtime easier is to have a supply of cooked, shredded chicken frozen in meal size portions. Below are many of the recipes I use (or if I’m planning on making chicken stock I use THIS one). I mean who doesn’t love shredded chicken? It’s only on the rare occasion someone says they don’t like it which is why i created this meal planning with 40 recipes for shredded chicken. Once you have your chicken ready to go, you can use this list of my 40 favorite recipes to make dinner a snap. Here goes:

  1. Broccoli & Chicken Casserole
  2. Chicken & Wild Rice Casserole
  3. Country Farm Chicken Casserole
  4. Chicken Macaroni Casserole
  5. Chicken Tamale Casserole
  6. Chicken King Ranch Casserole
  7. Chicken Broccoli Cheesy Casserole
  8. Candaces Chicken Casserole
  9. Chicken Casserole
  10. Leftover Chicken Sandwiches
  11. Easy Chicken Pot Pie
  12. The Best Chicken Salad Club Sandwich
  13. A Famous Chicken Salad Sandwich
  14. Stuffed Chicken Sandwich
  15. Marshall Fieldโ€™s Chicken Salad Sandwich
  16. Chicken Philly Sandwiches
  17. Thai Chicken Pizzas
  18. Chicken Wild Rice Soup
  19. Chicken Noodle Soup
  20. Salsa Chicken Soup
  21. Shredded Chicken Tacos
  22. Asian Shredded Chicken Coleslaw
  23. Shredded Chicken Sandwiches
  24. Chicken Enchiladas
  25. Shredded BBQ Chicken
  26. Cold Sesame Noodles with Shredded Chicken
  27. Shredded Chicken Enchiladas, Tostadas & Tacos
  28. BBQ Chicken and Chips
  29. Shredded Chicken Fajitas
  30. Stove Top Smoker Shredded Chicken With Peanut Sauce
  31. Mushroom & Shredded Chicken Salad
  32. Chicken Manicotti
  33. Chicken Potato Casserole
  34. Cheddar Chicken Spirals
  35. Chicken Broccoli Shells
  36. Baked Chicken Quesadillas
  37. Buffalo Chicken Pizza
  38. Chicken Salad Panini
  39. Chicken and Rice Casserole
  40. Favorite Chicken Casserole

40 Shredded Chicken Recipes

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  1. ClutterCollector says

    thanks for posting this!
    I'm going to try at least 3 of the recipes, the next time I buy some chicken!

  2. Anonymous says

    These sound awesome! I've been looking for easy chicken recipes EVERYWHERE! I think I saved about 7of these on my computer to try out! Thanks so much & God bless!

  3. says

    Yay! They are so easy too! I have a turkey pepperoni version on my blog as well. I love recipes that my whole family will eat so I’m not cooking 2 dinners. =) Great post Lori!

  4. lori schuette says


    How many chicken breasts do you cook at once in your cockpot? Also, from the list of chicken recipes which have you tried that are winners. I’m going to try your chicken and wild rice soup this week Yum! We seem to have alot in common, my name is also Lori, love decorating, cooking, saving money and I also have a son on the spectrum. Please keep up the good work. I love your site because you offer a little bit of everything and it’s all really good.

    • Lori says

      Hi Lori – I think I must’ve tried over 100 shredded chicken recipes and these are my faves. Many have ratings so you can see what other folks think too. I especially love sandwiches and soups, but the casseroles are great too! I’ll be sharing some more shredded chicken ideas throughout the next couple months.

      I don’t generally use my crockpot, just a couple huge pots. I do at least four chickens at a time, usually 6. But I have a large family and like to get it all over with at once! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. says

    Great collection of recipes and ideas!! I can definitely branch out from the five or so recipes I make with shredded chicken. I found you via pinterest. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Barb says

    I used your shredded chicken recipe and loved it but I can’t seem to find it.
    When I click the link that says here is the recipe I use it takes me to the best chicken noodle soup ever.
    Could you send me the link to the shredded chicken recipe?. It was done in the crockpot.
    Thanks so much!

    • Lori says

      Hi Amy – I do 1/2 – 1 cup of chicken per person in our family. I feed 6 with 4 cups of chicken per meal. That includes 4 hungry growing boys. But you can increase or decrease that depending on your family and their nutritional needs/hunger level ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. sarah says

    Great Recipe for the $6.00 10lb bags of leg quarters at Walmart and most grocery stores ๐Ÿ™‚ Budget friendly at its best.

  8. Maggie says

    Love the idea of fixing the chicken ahead of time in a big batch and freezing! Just wondering though– Do I thaw the shredded chicken overnight or can you use the frozen chicken in a casserole? Thanks!

  9. Kathy says

    Pardon my lack of cooking knowledge, but I noticed in some of the recipes it shows cooking the chicken in the crock pot with the other ingredients. If I had pre-cooked shredded chicken in the freezer would it still work?

  10. candace says

    Can you use FROZEN chicken breasts when putting them in the crockpot to make the shredded chicken or do i have to thaw them out first?

    • Lori says

      Hi Candace – According to food safety guidelines, it is best to cook it after thawing. Since crockpots cook at a low temperature, there is an extended period of time when the chicken is at an ideal temp for bacterial growth if it is thawing in the slow cooker. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. says

    My mom used to make these, here’s a tip I learned from her. Roll out dough on floured board, the thinner the roll , the thinner the noodles. Divide dough for different thickness .Start with thickness of flat noodles Cut in strips of 2-3 ” strips , lightly flour strips and place them one on top of each other (stack ) then cut the whole stack ( looks like lasagne), Now flour lightly sharp knife and cut 1/2″ off stack ,continue till whole stack is cut. Same process for thin noodles. If you want real long thin noodles don’t cut in strips just roll dough and slice like you would cole slaw,; these are great for soup. Place in cardboard w/lid container Re: old rolled oat box or such. they keep for a very long time.If you make lots I suggest you put plastic (shower curtain) on your bed and clean sheet overtop ,flour lightly and spreed noodles out to dry for at least 4 hrs, fluff up every hour or so ,as the more they dry out the longer they’ll keep. I’m 73 and have been doing this for 63 yrs, it takes me back to a more peaceful time, real cathartic as mom and I did this together and somehow the noodles always taste better. My 27 yr old Grandson now makes his own noodles. Enjoy, I do always. Luv makes it special !!!