“Kool” Free Printable for Valentine Exchanges!

Looking for a unique idea for school Valentine exchanges? How about giving a package of Kool Aid and a squiggle straw along with this free printable, exclusively for Moms by Heart readers!

Just head over HERE to get your freebie (click green “download” button), then print on white cardstock and attach the straw to the back.

I designed this one to use a minimal amount of ink! I found the squiggle straws in the party supplies section of Target where they are priced at $3 for a pack of 12.

Download instructions:

  • Head over HERE and click Download Now.
  • Choose to Save File.
  • Print to your hearts content!

BLOGGERS: You are welcome to share this freebie. Please use the link to this post and not the direct link to the printable.  Thanks!


  1. These are too cute! I almost did a similar Valentine for my boys but I ended up going with a Play-Doh one instead:) Maybe we’ll do Kool-Aid next year!

  2. we were just talking about giving koolaid for Valentine’s day in my son’s class. Thanks for the printable to go with it. (we’re going to skip the straw, but it IS a cute idea!).

  3. Thanks for the adorable idea! I will definitely be using this idea this year for my pre-school daughters. I love your website!

  4. A week ago I found kool-aid for 5 packets for 10 cents! I knew I could find something online to make it into a Valentine! Perfect timing! Thanks!

  5. What a cute idea! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  6. Ayesha Gonzalez says:

    I love your kool aid valentine! Can you make the same one but say have a kool summer? I would love for my daughter to give this to her 1st grade class on the last day of school.

  7. This is so Kool, Thank you for sharing. I’m so happy , I’m on Pinterest. I just <3 this. I <3 crafting. xx ty 😉

  8. I found the straws 6/$1.00 at dollar tree and the kool aid at Target for .14/envelope! Makes these $.30 valentines. Thank you!

  9. How did you attach the straw and Kool Aid? Thanks! I already have everything printed out and ready to go!

    • Hi Mel – the first time I made them I punched two small holes at the top of the card and used a red ribbon which attached to the straw on the back of the card and threaded through the holes. Then I tied a bow on the front. But the second time I was a little less fancy and just attached it to the back with tape. Both ways worked fine.

  10. HI There! So cute! I know my little guy would love taking them to the kids in his class! I just cant seem to get the link to work? Do I have to be a memeber of media page?

    • Wow. Yep, she’s using my design. Thanks for pointing that out. I looked at her shop and it looks like she’s stealing designs from other bloggers too. If that’s what she needs to do to make money, I guess whatever.

  11. How do you print multiple cards on one sheet of card stock?

  12. Hi,
    Love the idea!! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    I wondered how you attached the KOOL AID to the paper?

  13. Great idea! Thanks so much!!!

  14. How can you print more than one on a page?

  15. How did you attach the koolaid packet to the card? Just dont want to ruin the mix inside. Thanks!

  16. What kinda paper did you use?

  17. Too cute! All of my kids liked this idea and we are doing it for their classes at school. Thanks for sharing!