It’s Time For A Grocery Budget Makeover!


I am so excited about this, I could just burst!

How many of you have heard folks brag about how they are feeding their families for far less than the average person? Ever want to follow them around the store and see how they’re doing it? Well here’s a bit of good news! My friend Erin Chase from $5 Dollar Dinners has formulated an amazing 13-week e-course that gives us the entire tour of how she manages to save big bucks, while still serving delicious and healthful meals.  She has put all of her amazing information together in one place, and called it: The Grocery Budget Makeover.


In this course, you’ll learn:

  • The best grocery planning processes
  • Spending pitfalls and marketing traps
  • The importance of sale cycles, and shopping multiple stores
  • How to create a meal plan
  • Couponing and stockpiling for normal people
  • Time saving kitchen (and cooking) hacks

In addition, you’ll be invited to join the private GBM Facebook group, where you can share experiences and encourage each other through the journey of transformation.

For $39 and 30 minutes per week of your time, you’ll get this 13-week e-course, along with free printable worksheets and a fun, budget-changing experience to share with like-minded individuals. Head over to the Grocery Budget Makeover page to learn more.