Frugal Living: How to Save on Home Decor

Anyone can waltz into a high end furniture store and waltz out with the makings of a gorgeous home. All you need is a fistful of Benjamins. But doing it on a budget requires skill, y’all.

If your Benjamins are on hiatus (with mine), here are some tricks to spiff up your home on a dime.

Step 1: Create a Home Inspiration Board (or Book). 
Keeping an overall vision for each room will save you hassle and headaches when shopping. Let’s face it, we thrifters can get a little starry-eyed when surrounded by an awesome sale or a jam-packed thrift store. Pinterest is a great place to store all your favorite home decor ideas so you have a good overall vision of your style. In time, you’ll start to see similarities in the colors and styles you are attracted to, which will help you narrow your focus when shopping.

My Pinterest Boards

If you’re not a Pinner, you can go old school with this idea and start an inspiration book. With all the free magazine subscriptions you probably have from subscribing to this blog (*wink*), you can begin clipping pages of rooms you love.  Before long, you’ll have a book filled to the brim like mine.

I’m a little embarrassed to show you mine.  Promise you won’t laugh?


Remember, this baby has been with me for years and she is a little worn around the edges. But she is well loved and fits her purpose. Here she is in all her splendor.

How’s that for old school? Mmm-hmm. I don’t think the photo quite captures the rattiness. But you get the idea.

Despite her appearance, she’s one of the top 10 things I’d grab if the house was on fire. After my kids, of course.

Starting your own Inspiration Book means you’ll be ready with colors, styles and oodles of ideas to help narrow your focus when you find a sale. No more buyers remorse. In my opinion, it’s the first step in creating a cozy and inviting home on a dime.

Come back tomorrow for more ways to save on home decor!

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  1. LOVE the inspiration book! Sometimes old school is best. 🙂 I have a version, kind of, it’s a file folder with about five things in it. Thanks for the re-inspiration….I’m going to find it today and start fresh!