Frugal Living: How to Save on Home Decor {Part 3}

Part One: Create a Home Inspiration Board (or Book)
Part Two: Trash to Treasure

Part Three: Make It Yourself
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an HGTV junkie. I would tivo my favorite shows and store them up for those rare free moments when I could relax and dream about my perfect home. While the dreaming was fun, most of the projects I found seemed to be a little above my ability level and comfort zone.

Nowadays, I tend to rely more on DIY bloggers than television. Many of these are ordinary homemakers just like me who have learned how to wield a skill saw,  sander or sewing machine, and show me how to do it as well. Somehow it seems a lot more do-able when someone like me is doing it.

So lately I’ve become a little more brave. Thanks in large part to my favorite DIY blogger Ana White.

Ana is a mother and homemaker from Alaska with no special carpentry skills who has braved the world of power tools to DIY her heart out. Her site is filled with free plans and hundreds of successful project photos from readers who follow her. She gives me the if-she-can-do-it-I-can-do-it feeling I need to conquer my fear and get started.

If DIY furniture isn’t your bag, consider other decorating options.  You can revamp your sofa pillows with the easy tutorial from iheartnaptime (below).  Or make your own wall canvas with The Girl Creative.

Here are some suggestions to help you on your way to becoming a DIY diva.

Start Small
Pick a small project you can accomplish with $30 or less and a few hours effort. This will help build up your confidence and give you a few skills you can carry over into the next project. Ideas abound on Pinterest.

Choose One Space
As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, choosing one room or area in your home to focus on will help narrow your focus and channel your enthusiasm. Spend some time in the space and list the goals you would like to accomplish. Then take your list to the web to find an inspiring idea or project.

Get Help If You Need It
Buddy up with another like-minded DIYer so you can motivate each other to move through your goals. My buddy is my husband. He’s not much of a decorator, but he loves to break out the power tools whenever possible so he willingly goes along with me 😉

Be Inspired By Other DIYers
These ladies (and gentlemen) are geniuses. And I am their biggest stalker fan. Use the ideas here as inspiration. Here are my faves:


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