Frugal Living: How to Save on Home Decor {Part 2}

Once you have created a Home Inspiration Board (or Book), you are ready to go hunt for your treasures. As always, I begin by going to the places that will save me the most money…which means back to the thrift store!

My Trash to Treasure Desk Redo

Here are some tips that have helped me weed through the merchandise and find the best items for my home.

Focus on One Room at a Time
This will help you narrow your focus and find items that fit your needs. Decide on the room you’d like to start with and go sit in it for a few minutes. With paper in hand, make a list of the functions of this room. Do you use it for tv watching? Doing homework? Entertaining? Hobbies?  Exercising?  Look through your inspiration book or search on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration to help you meet these objectives.  Then hit the stores in search of items for this room only.

Start Small
It can be tempting to want to dive right in and conquer your first room by running out and getting materials for several projects. Been there, done that. In my experience, this can be the biggest obstacle to my success because having a garage full of incomplete projects is the best way to squash my creativity and enthusiasm. Instead, consider starting with one small do-able task, such as a picture frame or lamp you can redo. Finish it, pat yourself on the back, and move on to the next thing.

Look Beyond Appearances
Wobbly legs and scuffs can be transformed with a little patience and a little paint. Just make sure that the item is either structurally sound or that you have the ability/finances to make it that way.  Be sure to visit a few DIY Home Decor blogs for inspiration.  This amazing transformation (above) comes from Doubletake.  Wait’ll you see the up-close “before” pic.  Just wow.

Don’t Buy a “Project Item” Until Your Current Project is Finished
This bears repeating. I have made this mistake enough times to know it is not a good idea to have more than one project at a time. The thrift store will still be there next week, and there will be other fantastic finds for you then.

Search the Web for Tutorials
Home Decor Blogs are a constant source of inspiration and instruction. You can find tutorials for just about any project on your to-do list. Here are a few I love: