Frugal Living: How to Save on Clothing {Part 5}

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Save Big By Stacking Retail Sales, Offers & Coupons
Learning how to combine retail coupons with sale prices can translate into savings that can even beat thrift store prices! Don’t believe me?  Consider this scenario.

Kohl’s has a clearance sale that includes a nice selection of clothing. In addition, they offer a 20% off coupon and $10 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 I spend. Here’s how I may stack these offers:

Purchase a total of $70 in kids clothing on clearance (retail $140)
-20% off = $56
I earn $10 in Kohl’s Cash, good on future purchases
My total expense would be $46 for $140 in retail. That’s a savings of 67%

We already know that consignment sales, consignment stores and even some thrift stores price clothing at 1/3 retail price. But that’s what I just paid for brand new stuff.

Cool, huh?

But wait.  It gets even better.

Once my kids outgrow these items, I can take them to the consignment store where they will be sold at 1/3 retail (which is what I paid for them) and I will earn 50% of that. So I just earned $23 of my $46 bucks back.

Yup. That’s how you do it.

Finding the Best Retail Deals
These deals don’t come along every day. But you may be surprised how often you see them. Here are some tips for finding the best ones.

  1. Sign up for email alerts from your favorite retail stores.  This is where you’ll get the heads up on huge clearance deals and printable coupons.
  2. Sign up for the top Retail Rewards Programs so you will earn while you shop.
  3. Stay one step ahead by buying end-of-season items now and stashing them away for next year.
  4. Create a list of wardrobe essentials for each member of your family.  I created a form HERE where I jot down sizes and quantities needed, then check off as they are purchased.  I update this list every couple of months when things are outgrown or wear out.  You can download mine or create your own.  Easy.  It goes with me wherever I am just in case an unexpected deal is spotted.
  5. Subscribe to Moms by Heart where you’ll get a list of printable mall coupons every Friday, along with daily updates that include online deals stacked with free shipping offers and percentage off coupon codes.  I have a lot of kids on my shopping list, so I don’t miss much.  And neither will you.