Frugal Living: How to Save on Clothing {Part 4}

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Part 4: Establishing a Relationship with Local Consignment Stores
For years I was stuck in the mindset of “If my kids are gonna wear it, it has to be new”.

This was before I became a frugal shopper, so you can imagine what that did to our budget. One day while shopping with a friend, she suggested we visit a local consignment store. Not wanting to appear a snob, I (fake) enthusiastically agreed.

What I found changed my thinking forever. The store was well stocked with all sizes of quality like-new kids clothing. My socks were officially knocked off…not only by the selection but by the prices too.

I walked out with a bagful of loot, feeling like someone should be giving me a prize. Or perhaps they would take my picture and put it in the paper. Local Bargain Hunting Rockstar Mom Saves Hundreds on Brand-Name Clothing.

If you’ve never frequented your local consignment store, here are the steps to bargain nirvana.

  1. Visit All of Them – As with thrift stores, not all consignment stores are created equal.  Do some exploring in your area to find the one that fits your needs.
  2. Bring a List – It’s easy to get swept up in the bargain frenzy and overspend.  Come prepared with a list of items you need, along with sizes.  And stick to it to protect your budget.
  3. Sell Your Clothing and Save Even More – Bring your gently used clothing and get paid or receive store credit.  Generally the store will price items at 1/3 retail, and you’ll get to keep 40-50% of the asking price.  If it doesn’t sell within a specific time period (usually 60 days) it is donated.  I am a regular at our store, and the store credit really comes in handy each month!