Frugal Living: How to Save on Clothing {Part 3}

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Today, we will discuss the blissful bargain bonanzas known as Consignment Sales
Spring is the season for finding some great consignment sales all across the country. You’ll find oodles of children’s clothing, toys, bedding, furniture, maternity and baby items that are gently used and often in great condition.

What is a Consignment Sale?
Think of it as a hybrid of consignment stores and garage sales. You have the quality and variety of a consignment store with the lower prices and limited timeframe of a garage sale. These sales generally last from 1-2 days and feature items brought in by local families who get as much as 80% of the selling price. The rest goes to the church, charity or for-profit organization sponsoring the sale.

Find a Sale
Consignment Mommies is my go-to site for finding local sales.  Just insert your zip code to find a list of sales in your area.

Sell Your Stash
Here are some tips for cashing in on your local sale:

  • Contact the sponsor for details and deadlines for the sale you are interested in.
  • Bring your items cleaned and pressed.
  • Price your items to sell.  Many sponsors will encourage you to price items at 1/3 retail value.  It’s still your call.  When I participate in consignment sales, I go at least 1/4 retail value, because I never paid full price to begin with.  So my earnings are still good, relative to my investment.  Plus my stuff moves very quickly at those prices.

Find The Best Bargains

  • Arrive early and prepared.  Some shoppers will arrive as much as one hour early to line up for the start of the sale.
  • Wear comfy shoes.
  • Bring a list of your kids sizes and measurements.
  • Leave the kids at home if possible.  It’s usually elbow to elbow, especially during the first hours.
  • Bring a large tote bag or laundry bag to carry your finds.
  • Check the racks of clothing one size higher and lower than your child.  Some sizes run big or small, or they can get misplaced.
  • Inspect items carefully.  When I find something I want, I will give it a good once-over.  Then when I’m finished shopping, I’ll stand to the side and re-examine everything to be sure I didn’t miss any stains or tears.
  • Volunteer!  Did you know that consignment volunteers often get to shop before general public?  Sometimes they’ll even get a discount.
  • If you are consigning your clothing, you may also qualify for pre-sale shopping.  Be sure to ask!

Anyone else have tips for consignment sale shopping?  Please leave a comment!