Free Coupon Binder, Menu Planner & Shopping List!

coupon binder

Those of you on my Facebook page know I have been working on a free printable coupon binder. Well it’s finally finished!


The shopping list is categorized the same as the coupon binder, which will hopefully make finding what you need a lot easier!

I purchased a 2″ three ring binder, along with tab dividers.  Use sports card holder inserts (like THESE) to hold your coupons.

One feature I just love is having a category & subcategory organizational method.  With most binders I’ve seen, they have 30-40 different categories.  One for deodorant.  One for toothpaste.  One for cereal.  Personally, I find this makes shopping with coupons more confusing and time consuming. I can’t, at a moments notice, recall all of my categories when I’m looking for a coupon which means I need to fumble through to find what I need.

With my system, you have 8 main categories which house several subcategories.  A few examples:

  • Household category contains bags, foil, wraps, cleaning products, home fragrance, laundry, paper products and pet items. 
  • Pantry contains baking, canned foods, condiments, dressing, pasta and prepared sides.
  • Personal Care has baby, cosmetics, deodorant, hair care, medicine & vitamins, mouth care, shaving, skin care and soap.

Add an organizer to hold scissors, calculator and pen and you’ll be on your way!

Get your free printables here:

If you are unable to download from those links, you can also get it here: Binder, Menu Plan (BW), Menu Plan (C).


  1. i can not download it through scribd can you send it PDF to me?

  2. Michelle Yongue says:

    I just want to send out a big ” thank you” I was just looking for this very thing and did not want to pay $40.00. Thanks so much

  3. I am also unable to download it through Scribd, I was able to open the coupon binder through the adobe link. Would you be able to provide the menu planner/shopping list like that as well? Thank you so much!

    • Thanks for letting me know. I have included adobe links for the b/w and color versions of the shopping list at the bottom of the post.

  4. Thank you for posting this!!! It’s been my goal for months and months so finally organize my coupons instead of just having them scattered in a drawer. Hopefully this will give me the motivation I need!

  5. Thank you for sharing these with us!

  6. What a great way to organize your own coupons. While I have seen numerous coupon books, binders and wallets, this is the first one with a storage space for the calculator and scissors – great addition. Nice job!

  7. You are awesome! This is exactly what I needed. My current system is ok when I’m at home but frustrating when I’m at the store. I also love the font and colors you chose! Thank you!

  8. Thank you so much for this! What a great idea & thanks so much for the binder dividers. Just wanted to add a hopefully helpful note-as far as the baseball card holders, readers may want to do their own search on Amazon. Your link was a great starting place but I found some cheaper (For less than $3.00, shipped free for Prime members).
    Thanks again!
    ~another Lori

  9. they actually sell the baseball card sheets in packs of 10 for $1 at the dollerama!
    Thanks so much for this. it’s great!

  10. This is fantastic! Nice job, Lori! Sharing a link to your your fabulous post this Saturday on :)

  11. How well do the internet printed coupons fit into the sleeves? It seems that they would be too long.

  12. Thanks for the printed sheets for the binders. However I would like to suggest that your members look on ebay for “currency binder holders” which hold the internet coupons beautifully, no more shoving your fingers down in those little boxes. I got rid of ALL my other kind. I like them even for the little coupons which can be put in side by side. Easy to get to! I also put a clear plastic PENCIL HOLDER with the three holes for a binder with zipper in the FRONT of my binder. When I put a product in my cart I take the coupon out of the slot and put it in the front clear plastic holder with the zipper! I then know when I walk up to the cashier that I have the proper coupon for the proper items in my cart and am totally organized. No more fumbling! Thanks again!

    • That’s great advice Karen – thanks! I really do dislike those sports card holders. Love the idea of having the pencil holder for coupons you are using too

  13. Thank you! :-)

  14. Hi Lori,

    Found your free download @ Money Saving Mom. When I click to download, it does open in a new tab, but is just a black screen. Not sure what I amdoing wrong, but I would love to access them if possible. Any suggestions? Thanks again for your generosity!

    • Hi Tina – The download page starts out as a gray screen. It takes a few moments for the free printable to appear. If you click the link again, then wait a minute or so you should see it. If not please let me know and I will update the links. Thanks!

  15. Wow, thank you for this! I’m making a Couponing Binder for myself and a friend who is just getting started. We’re both going to be rockin’ with our new fancy binders. :-)

    KC @ One + One = Four

  16. thanks for the neat ideas and for all your hard work. I know I have some weird shape stuff holders somewhere. I’m gonna hunt them down and make this work. If I don’t, I won’t be able to spend a ridiculously low amount on groceries every week and that would just be unacceptable :)

  17. Hi!
    First off, thank you SOOO much for making these sheets. I just printed off the coupon binder pages and they are beautiful! However, I’m having issues with getting the weekly menu (b&w) to work. I had to copy the image for the binder pages in to Word to print, but when I do that for the menu, it doesn’t fill up the paper. It’s really tiny. Suggestions? Thanks!

    • Hi – If you wouldn’t mind telling me specifically what happens when you try to use the links above, I will try to fix it for others. Otherwise you can email me at momsbyheartatgmaildotcom and I will email you the pdf.

      I did add a second link for each of the printables so one should hopefully work for you :)

  18. I really love this: Simple, clean and effortless!!!. You are the winner!! Thank you so much for sharing this. I really appreciate it! I love your website!

  19. Very nice. Simple. Pretty. THANK YOU!

  20. Thank a ton for such a simple binder layout. Idk how ppl deal with 30+ categories only problem is I cannot download :( its saying I have to pay

  21. down load went ok, but when I went to print the images were way to large for the frame, only printed half of the image per sheet :(

  22. Thank you for this nice printable! I really like the way it looks, and the categories are perfect. I decided to switch to a binder this year from my previous little actcordian file – too much searching around while at the store. Just found a great zippered binder a Big Lots for $11, so I’m looking forward to putting it together using your system. Thanks so much!!

  23. Thank you so much for this! I have searched other websites and their coupon binder organization tips were all either too complicated or just too detailed. Aint nobody got time for that! lol I love the look of the pages and the simplicity of them. Thank you so much :)

  24. ella stephenson says:

    hi this is awesome i am definitely printing this i am new i am a mother of 4 and my husband doesnt get many hours so we need to shop for what we need any tips will help and also if you know sites for coupons how do you hold the coupons in the binder ? any help i can get would be greatly appreciated

  25. I love to use coupons and I am starting a coupon binder. I can not get your free printable coupon binder pages to come up, could you please emal them to me.

  26. Thanks for putting this online. I’ve just started couponing again and I have a coupon binder but the categories I had were just way too confusing. This will really help me get organized and hopefully save tons of money.

  27. I wanted to say THANK YOU! I read your system and it clicked with me! I couldn’t download but the reality is that I did not have to. I have my binder and I have page protectors and card holder sheets. I simply went into Word and created categories that made sense to me. My coupon binder had been set aside. I never knew how to find my coupons in it. I have been pulling them from the ads as I use them and not throwing away what I won’t use. Can you say BIG MESS?

    Thanks to you I have my master list of categories in the front and then I put what each contains. I use a lot of personal care coupons. I put the pages in the order that they are listed. For each category I copy and pasted that onto a new sheet so they are clearly divided in order.


  28. Thank you!

  29. this was so helpful to me, im trying to learn how to do a coupon book and this was a huge help..