Easy Frozen Grape Kabobs

Up until a few years ago, I had never heard of freezing grapes. Turns out it’s an easy (and yummy) frozen snack that my kids go nuts for! Keep your eyes peeled starting this month as grapes begin to come in season and prices go way down. Then stock up and freeze the extras for a refreshing treat on a hot day.

If you’d like to make kabobs like we did, just thread the grapes onto a skewer then freeze for a few hours. If your kids are younger and you’re worried about the skewer, just pull the grapes from the stems, wash/dry them, then freeze in a freezer bag or container.

That’s my daughter on the left and her best friend Coan (right) goofing off for the camera.


  1. Admin Officer says:

    I wish I read this yesterday. I had heard you could freeze grapes. So I just stuffed them into the freezer – we had a great buy. I didn’t even take them off the stems or wash them. I would have done that of course later. How can you be in such a hurry and be retired. Also I love your site.