Dave Ramsey Cash Envelope Tutorial

Hubbs and I are Dave Ramsey folks, and part of his Total Money Makeover plan is to establish a Cash Envelope System. In a nutshell, you divide the money you have allotted to cash expenses (food, auto/gas, clothing, etc.) into envelopes.  When the envelope is empty, that’s it.

This has been an extremely effective budgeting tool for me because every penny is in it’s proper place. If I overspend, I have to physically remove money from it’s assigned envelope – and I’m tellin’ ya, that hurts. If you’d like a financial makeover, I highly recommend this system!

In case you’re wondering – yes, you can always just use plain envelopes. But I got some pretty scrapbook paper for Christmas, so this year I decided to use a free tutorial by Simple Dimples to make my own. She has a printable template that makes this super-easy!


Print the template onto your scrapbook paper.
Then cut along the lines, fold, glue and voila!



My favorite feature: it fits nicely into the checkbook pocket of your billfold.


  1. Danny and Cathy says:

    I saw your blog on someone else's link and saw this envelope for the cash envelop system from Dave Ramsey. And I think everyone should do his total money makeover. My hubby and I are doing it and we have such 'financial peace'. This is a way cute idea to go along with the book. Thanks!!

  2. Lori@momsbyheart.net says:

    I agree, Dave's system has changed our lives!

  3. Turned out super cute! Cash system is great–we didn't do Dave Ramsey, but we did Crown Financial!

  4. Oh great idea! We just started the Dave Ramsey system and I totally need to do this. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Karen the Suburbanite says:

    I have never heard of this guy- thanks for sharing- Ilike to save money i will read his ideas!

  6. Hello I am here from "Not just a housewifes" blog hop. I just wanted to say that your cash envelope idea is great.
    Feel free to come by and visit me as well Kissingbunniescrafts@blogspot.com

  7. I am going to make this for my sister and my daughter in law. Thanks!!!

  8. I am a Dave fan too! Thank you for sharing!!! I am glad you linked up today :)

  9. I am a college student and I am really wanting to start this! I do not have many bills that I pay but I am really wanting to learn of great ways to save money since I am on my own now! What is a good effective way for me to start? I have been wanting to do the Dave Ramsey cash envelopes for awhile but just do not know how! Much help would be greatly appreciated :)

  10. I have tried over and over again to get to the website to get this template and it just doesnt work. Is there anyway you can share it?

  11. Do you make your envelopes bigger to allot for the holes to thread the ribbon through or the same size as the template? I want to make some today. I’ve been reading Dave Ramsey’s stuff and once I’m done with school I can’t wait to get our truck paid off ASAP!