Daily Savings Tip: Read Reviews

If I had a nickel for every toy, toaster and hair dryer I bought that turned out to be a dud, I’d have a lot of nickels.

In my defense, I entered adulthood in the pre-internet era, when product research and reviews were harder to come by.  Back then most of us relied on brand reputation and a little luck.  But today we have no excuses.  Here are a few review tools to help make better buying decisions:

  • Angie’s List provides reviews and recommendations for local products and services. I have never personally used this service, but have some friends who swear by it.
  • Consumer Reports tests and rates everything from electronics to cars and just about everything in between.  I have personally subscribed to the online version of Consumer Reports for years, and would not be without it.
  • Amazon provides reviews from previous customers on dang near everything.  I even use it when shopping in various stores if I have a small appliance or electronics purchase I need to make.

What about you?  Do you have any favorite review sites you use before making purchases?