Creative Stockpiling Solutions


One of the biggest questions I get as a result of living & traveling full-time in a 5th wheel is, “Are you still stockpiling?” The answer is a big fat YES!

It’s true, I’ve had to take some creative approaches and change my strategies a little bit. For example, instead of having a 6-12 month supply of personal care items, I have a 1-2 month supply. This allows me to stretch out my savings whenever I find it, without weighing down the RV!



This is the one and only cabinet available for storing my stockpile.  When I say “available”, I mean I called dibs before anyone else could get their paws on it!

stockpile - 2

Little though it may be, we found a way to make it work! My husband made these shelf dividers (because he’s handy like that), and I covered them with Chevron Contact Paper. It’s just right for keeping it all nice and safe while traveling.

online stockpiling


Another change is the method I use to shop.  I have been doing the majority of it online, saving myself the hassle of finding the drug stores, hoping my items are in-stock and praying for friendly cashiers in each new town. I’m pretty happy with the results.  Here’s my Walgreens haul from last week, when I used a 20% off coupon code (now expired) along with Balance Rewards deals to get all this online. I ended up paying $28.70 shipped, and earning 12,000 BR points ($12), which works out to be $1.39 per bottle.  A bit higher than I use to pay when I was clipping, strategizing and running my fanny all over town each week,  but still a far cry from the $3.99 retail price.

The beautiful thing about shopping on is that you can find the same sale prices and Balance Rewards deals you would in-store, all with a low $25 free shipping threshold.  Of course, you can’t use coupons, so it’s best to look for coupon codes or high value Balance Rewards deals to maximize your savings.



In some instances, I have had to change products altogether in order to save space. What you see here is about 12 months worth of laundry soap in the form of soap nuts. I found them on clearance several months ago, and have been using them in place of detergent ever since. It takes 4-5 nuts per wash, with each nut lasting 3-4 washes.  It does the same work as soap, detaching dirt and smell molecules from the fibers of your clothes. They are organic, and work even on my boy-weary jeans!


All that, plus they take up very little space.

So there you have it! If I can find time and space to stockpile, anyone can! I hope I have encouraged you to think out-of-the-box for ways to save and store your stockpile.  Share your suggestions for creative stockpile solutions in the comments!

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