Coupons To Stock Up On!

I wrote earlier about the coupons in the upcoming Sunday paper that I would be stocking up on. Well now many of them are available on eBay! You’ll need to hurry to get the best prices.
I was able to purchase:

$.50 off Nestle Toll House Morsels – sellers seem to know the value of this coupon in combination with upcoming grocery sales on baking items for the holidays so most are overpriced. HERE is the best deal I found: $1/2 Nestle Toll House morsel coupons – get (20) for $1 plus $1.25 shipping. That’s (40) bags of chocolate chips at $.50 off each for about $.06 per bag. Consider splitting these coupons with friends or family members to minimize your cost. If this seller is sold out, check back later in the day for a similar deal with other sellers.

$.75 off any one L’Oreal kids product – are available HERE. More sellers will undoubtedly list these throughout the day. I do not recommend buying from someone with a ZERO feedback rating!

Stop over HERE for a list of other coupons I’ll be stocking up on. I’m still looking for good prices on some of these and will check back throughout the day.