The $40 Stockpile Challenge – Reader Haul


Rochelle was able to add to her stockpile this month with some serious Target shopping, and even kept a spreadsheet for us so we can see what she did!  It looks like she got 40 items, and spent $31 after all savings.  She also started  using Ibotta this month, and saved another $30 after adding 80 friends to her team!  That’s amazing!


For those of you who are strapped for time, the $40 stockpile challenge is the perfect way to stack up your savings. To participate, just set aside $40 in March, and use it on 1-2 shopping trips to stock up on items your family uses most often. Easy!  If you send me a pic and a description of what you did, you might get it all FREE! Head over HERE for details.  You can always find an updated list of the best stock-up worthy deals HERE.

Creative Stockpiling Solutions


One of the biggest questions I get as a result of living & traveling full-time in a 5th wheel is, “Are you still stockpiling?” The answer is a big fat YES!

It’s true, I’ve had to take some creative approaches and change my strategies a little bit. For example, instead of having a 6-12 month supply of personal care items, I have a 1-2 month supply. This allows me to stretch out my savings whenever I find it, without weighing down the RV!



This is the one and only cabinet available for storing my stockpile.  When I say “available”, I mean I called dibs before anyone else could get their paws on it!

stockpile - 2

Little though it may be, we found a way to make it work! My husband made these shelf dividers (because he’s handy like that), and I covered them with Chevron Contact Paper. It’s just right for keeping it all nice and safe while traveling.

online stockpiling


Another change is the method I use to shop.  I have been doing the majority of it online, saving myself the hassle of finding the drug stores, hoping my items are in-stock and praying for friendly cashiers in each new town. I’m pretty happy with the results.  Here’s my Walgreens haul from last week, when I used a 20% off coupon code (now expired) along with Balance Rewards deals to get all this online. I ended up paying $28.70 shipped, and earning 12,000 BR points ($12), which works out to be $1.39 per bottle.  A bit higher than I use to pay when I was clipping, strategizing and running my fanny all over town each week,  but still a far cry from the $3.99 retail price.

The beautiful thing about shopping on is that you can find the same sale prices and Balance Rewards deals you would in-store, all with a low $25 free shipping threshold.  Of course, you can’t use coupons, so it’s best to look for coupon codes or high value Balance Rewards deals to maximize your savings.



In some instances, I have had to change products altogether in order to save space. What you see here is about 12 months worth of laundry soap in the form of soap nuts. I found them on clearance several months ago, and have been using them in place of detergent ever since. It takes 4-5 nuts per wash, with each nut lasting 3-4 washes.  It does the same work as soap, detaching dirt and smell molecules from the fibers of your clothes. They are organic, and work even on my boy-weary jeans!


All that, plus they take up very little space.

So there you have it! If I can find time and space to stockpile, anyone can! I hope I have encouraged you to think out-of-the-box for ways to save and store your stockpile.  Share your suggestions for creative stockpile solutions in the comments!

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$40 Stockpile Challenge Winner Announced


Reader Kelli was randomly chosen as the winner of our $40/Month Stockpiling Challenge for January. She has received a $40 Target gift card for her efforts to cover her purchases. Congrats, Kelli!

If you want to enter for a change to get your stockpile FREE, head over HERE and read about this challenge. We want you to have the best year ever, so fill those pantries and snap those pictures!

Stockpile Deals This Week:

$40 Stockpile Shopping Reader Haul

the $40 stockpiling challenge results

Rochelle was able to get all this from Target for under $40! Can you believe she is new to couponing? Congrats Rochelle on such a successful trip. You are entered for a chance to win a free $40 gift card in the $40 Stockpile Challenge for January.

Here’s what she did at Target over the course of several transactions.

(2) Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner @ $1.89 = $7.56
Earned $5 Target gift card
–$2 peelie coupons
–$0.14 Red Card discount
Final Price: $0.42

(4) Lysol Cleaner @ $1.97 = $7.88
Earn $5 Target gift card
$0.25/1 Lysol coupon
–$0.14 Red Card discount
Final Price: $1.74 – did this twice = $3.48

(3) Stayfree @ 3.29 = 9.87
–$3/1 from 1/4 SS insert
–$0.18 Red Card discount
Final Price: $0.69

(5) Special K @ 2.50 = 12.50
Earned $5 Target gift card
–$1/3 printable
–$0.12 Red Card discount
Final Price: $6.38

(4) Bic Razors @ $3.19
–BOGO up to 7.99 & turns out, they gave me the full $7.99!
Final Price: FREE + Profit, did this 4x

Finish @ $2.96
–$2.15/1 Finish 1/4 SS insert
–$0.75/1 Target Coupon
Final Price: $0.06, did this 5x

(4) Mr Clean @ $1.48 = $5.92
–$1/1 Mr Clean 1/25 PG insert
–$0.07 Red Card discount
Final Price: $1.85

(4) Unstoppables @ $4.88 = $19.52
Earned $5 Target gift card
-$3/1 Downy insert coupon (?)
–$0.17 Red Card discount
Final Price: $2.35

(4) Campbell’s Sauces @ $1.99, B3G1 free
$1/2 printable
–$0.16 Red Card
Final Price: 4.81

(2) Progresso Sauces on clearance @ $0.88 = $1.76
$0.50/1 printable
-$0.06 Red Card
Final Price: $0.70

(4) Colgate Toothpaste @ 2.54 = $10.16
Earn $5 Target gift card
$2/2 Colgate
Final Price: $1.16

(4) Secret deodorant @ $3.95 = $15.80
Earned $5 Target gift card
-$3/2 Secret 1/25 PG insert or $1.50/1 printable
-$2 Target coupon
Final Price: $2.80

(8) Ragu @ $1.60 + 2 @ $1.58 = $15.96
Earned $5 Target gift card
–$1/2 Ragu 1/25 RP insert
–$0.73 Red Card discount
Final Price: $8.23

(4) Colgate Toothbrush @ $0.94 = $3.76
–$1/2 Colgate Toothbrush 1/18 SS insert
–$0.06 Red Card discount
Final Price: $1.70

(6) StarKist @ $1.06 = $6.36
–$0.75/2 Starkist 1/4 SS insert
– $0.12 Red Card discount
Final Price: $3.24

(10) Barilla Pasta @ $1.05 = $10.50
Earn $5 Target gift card
–$0.10 Red Card
Final Price: $5.40

Thanks for sharing Rochelle!
If you would like to enter for a chance to get your stockpile shopping paid for, just snap a pic of your haul, and follow the rules HERE to be entered. Each month I will randomly choose one reader and give them a $40 gift card to their favorite store!

Kelli’s Target Purchase: Paid $36 for $63 Worth!


Reader Kelli has thrown her hat into the ring for the $40/month Stockpiling Challenge. If you’re new here, this challenge is to motivate and inspire each other to build a stockpile with a budget of $40/month. You can do your shopping in one big trip like Kelli, or spread it out and do a little every week as we have in past years. I’ll be selecting one reader every month and reimbursing them for their stockpile purchases (up to $40).

Kelli took advantage of the gift card deals at Target this week to stock up on essentials.

She purchased the following items:
(10) Barilla Pasta @ $1.14 with a $5 gift card wyb ten
(4) Large Suave Lotion @ $3.99 with a $5 gift card wyb four
(5) Eggo Waffles @ $2.25 with a $5 gift card wyb five
(5) Kellogg’s Cereal @ $2.50 with a $5 gift card wyb five
(1) Frozen Chicken Breast 2.5 lb bag $6.49

She used the following coupons:
-$0.75/1 Kellogg Cereal printable (nla)
-$1/2 Kellogg Cereal from 12/7 RP insert
$1/1 Target printable for Chicken Breast
5% Target Cartwheel offer for Chicken Breast

I think this scenario is an awesome example of how you can stockpile, and save big bucks even without being an extreme couponer. Kelli paid $36.32 after all savings on 25 items. Retail value $63 for a savings of nearly 50%!

If you’d like to participate in the Stockpiling Challenge, you can read the rules HERE and join in any time.