Summer Staycation: Backyard Camping


Here’s a fun staycation idea my family has done for years. Have a camp out in your own back yard! Premeditated Leftovers has some ideas to get you started.

Summer Staycation: Rainbow Wind Socks


I just love finding projects that can be done using items I have around the house. You can check out the windsock tutorial over at My Little Three & Me to see how she did it.

Summer Staycation: DIY Sidewalk Chalk


With just three ingredients you can make your own sidewalk chalk. Head over to Pinky Princess Girl for details.

Summer Staycation: Water Shooter Painting


Get an inexpensive water shooter from the dollar store and make a huge mess have some fun! Visit Fantastic Fun & Learning to hear her story.

Summer Staycation: Frozen Smoothies


Are you ready to have fun with the kids this summer? Each weekday, I’ll bring you a new, affordable and easy idea for making memories as a family. Today you can visit Handmade Kids Art for the recipe for making your own frozen smoothies.

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