Ebay Offers 50 Free Auction Style Listings

Looking for a way to declutter your house and add a little extra jingle to your pockets? Well, head over to Ebay where you can list your items auction style for FREE. You can even add a Buy It Now feature for free! If it doesn’t sell, you pay nothing! Limit 50 listings per month. You’ll pay a 9% fee for items you sell.

New Openings with HomeScan – No Landline Required!

Nielsen Homescan has opened up opportunities in thousands of new zip codes nationwide. Stop over HERE to see if you’re one of the lucky ones who qualify. If you do, you’ll be sent a scanner and earn points for recording your store purchases. Each shopping trip earns you more points that are redeemable for free items from their huge gift catalog.

Here are a few of the details:
-It’s free to join.  If you ever decide not to continue participating, you’ll have a postage paid envelope to return the scanner.  You are not obligated to participate for any length of time.
-Scanner comes with USB cable, instruction manual and installation disc.  Once you’ve installed the disc and followed the easy directions you’re ready to go.
-Keep the scanner in the kitchen or somewhere that will make it easy for you to scan your purchases as you are putting them away.
-Once a week, hook your scanner up to the computer using the USB cable.  The data will automatically be uploaded.  Simple as that!
-Expect to spend 30-45 minutes on average PER MONTH scanning items and uploading data.
-For your time, you’ll earn 3,000-6,000 points on average per month depending on how much shopping you do.  Gift catalog items start at around 9,000 points.  Examples of items you can get for participating include electronics, toys, health and wellness items and even jewelry!  You can spend them each month or save up for 6-12 months and get something big!

$50 Amazon Gift Card for $40!

Got change?
Head over to your nearest Coinstar machine and redeem $40 in coins for an e-Certificate or gift card to Amazon and you’ll get a $10 bonus code at the bottom of your receipt!  Plus there’s no fee for using Coinstar when you select e-Certificates or gift cards as your redemption option.
Then head over HERE and insert your codes to get your gift card by email within 24 hours.  Note: bonus $10 is good on your purchase of TOYS & GAMES.

Other $10 bonuses available:
-Regal Cinemas

ING Bank: $50 Free for Opening an Account

Head over to ING Direct and get $50 free for opening an account! If you missed out on their last free money deal, here’s another chance.  To find the $50 offer you must:

-Stop over HERE and click the ING Direct logo in the upper left hand corner.
-Select Checking and then click the Get Started button.
-Open an ING Direct Electric Orange Checking account – no minimums, no fees.
-Use your debit card to make (3) signature (non pin) purchases in the first 45 days.
-Your $50 bonus will be deposited on day 50!

I am just loving these free money bank offers!

Free $25 Amazon Gift Card for Writing Reviews

Viewpoints is a site that allows you to write and read reviews on a variety of products and services. Right now Viewpoints is offering a free $25 Amazon gift card for writing 20 qualifying review.  Stop over HERE for details.

thanks, Savvy Spending!