My New Coupon Organizer!

I have a lot of coupons – and not a lot of time. So I’ve been looking for a *cute* and functional change from the typical coupon binder. I’ve found that it takes me too much time to fold the coupons to fit into the clear plastic holders, and I don’t have the patience!!!

I’ve seen several ideas online for coupon boxes using everything from recipe boxes to tackle boxes to briefcases! But yesterday while shopping in Michaels, I found the perfect solution:

Ta-daaah! Using this box, I’ll be able to quickly clip and file coupons each week without wanting to *ahem* throw them across the room. Here’s how I made it:

This week, Michaels has the Recollections Photo Boxes for 3/$5 or $1.66 each. The Martha Stewart Punch Pad cost $6.29 and contains 30 decorative sheets of card stock that are just about the perfect size for making dividers! Total purchase price: $7.95

Inside the box, I was thrilled to find some pre-made dividers that I used as templates. Here’s what mine look like:

Next, I printed my titles on regular copy paper,

cut them out, and glued them on. Voila!

If you’re really creative, you could even decorate the box!

Here are my divider titles:

Divider Titles

Target Coupon Policy

I’ve heard from several of you who have had problems using coupons at Target. Thankfully, the corporate office has issued a public written coupon policy available for print HERE. I’ll be carrying this along with me for all future shopping trips.

I can only hope they require the employees to read it!