A Recap of 2012…

This has been a very eventful year for the Loomis family.

My firstborn baby (left) became a high school graduate (right).

…and moved away to college {sniff}.

My middle sons advanced to 4th and 5th grade, while my only daughter started middle school.

Middle school.

For me, those two words bring back dreaded memories of the 1980’s involving parachute pants, padded shoulders, pimples and an unfortunate experiment with Sun-In.

Don’t even ask.

She is having a great time, but a mom still worries.  Middle school is a short hop, skip and jump away from high school.  Lord in heaven, help me.

We had a very productive summer with my youngest child as we implemented a home program to prepare him for Kindergarten. We had some amazing professionals helping us. This is Susan, a special ed teacher and autism therapist. If you didn’t guess, it was “yellow” day.

Dylan spend every summer day from 10am-4:30pm learning and getting ready to join his neurotypical friends in Kindergarten in the fall. It was a wonderful success. As mom to a special needs kid (especially a young one) there is a lot of insecurity and self-doubt that goes along with this journey. You can read every book, take every course and still never really know what the future holds for them. In the end, we can only follow our gut and hope we are on the right path to provide the best possible future. The success of this summer program was something I really needed to give my confidence a boost and remind me that God is walking with us. He is giving me the discernment and direction I need when I need it, so long as I keep focused on Him. I knew that. But I suppose I needed reminding.

Here he is on his first day of school. He made it! You can tell by the width of his smile and the twinkle in his eyes that he is most happy to be there. He has done amazingly well. His classmates love him, and a few of them have really taken him under their wing, which totally warms my heart. His teacher and aid are wonderful and caring people who keep a careful watch and are quick to modify things for him whenever needed.

He is now writing his own name with the help of an iPad. Wahoo! This one brought tears to my eyes.

So there you have it. One child left the nest. One started middle school. My boys are plugging away in elementary school. And my youngest started kindergarten. I am home alone during the school days for the first time in 18 years. No more babies to bounce on my knee.  And if all that wasn’t enough, guess who turned 40 this year?

Yup. I told you 2012 was eventful.

I have been wholeheartedly blessed to be able to watch these children grow over the past year. My heart overflows. The fact that God has allowed me to be their mother is true evidence of His unmerited grace.

Looking forward to 2013, I have even more to celebrate. I the next few days, I’ll share my 2013 goals and plans – they’re scary, exciting and way out of my comfort zone 😉 I’d love to hear yours too!


  1. So very happy for you and the successes of this year with the help of our Saviour, with him anything is possible if we believe, we just need remined now and then. Thanks for all your insight and help for us, GOD BLESS.