50 Free Ways To Have Fun With Your Kids

50 free ways to have FUN with your kids!

This week, we are getting our kids involved in the No-Spending Challenge, so we thought it would be a good idea to have an arsenal of fun and free activities in our back pocket, in case they complain of being bored or deprived! So we sat down and racked our brains, and came up with this list.

1) Visit your local library to check out activities, movies, music and books.
2) Check your community calendar for free classes & events.
3) Build a fort out of blankets in the living room and watch a movie you already own.
4) Ride bikes.
5) Build a sandcastle.
6) Play a board game together.
7) Learn a new card game together.
8) Go on a picnic.


9) Go on a hike.
10) Volunteer.
11) Practice your lip syncing mojo.
12) Find a family theme song, then make up a dance for it.
13) Have a Lego building contest.
14) Listen to some podcasts.
15) Bake something using items you have in your pantry.
16) Organize a walking tour of an interesting place in your hometown.
17) Play something outside: football, baseball, basketball, etc.
18) Build some paper airplanes.
19) Start a nature journal using ideas on Pinterest.
20) Have a yard sale.
21) Organize a neighborhood cleanup.
22) Write a hand-written letter to a long-distance friend or family member.
23) Make a run to Goodwill to donate your unwanted items.
24) Create an obstacle course.
25) Do sudoku puzzles together online.
26) Get involved with current and ongoing public access television shows.
27) Have a water balloon fight.
28) Go for a walk around your neighborhood.
29) Blow bubbles – you can find recipes to make your own on Pinterest.
30) Plan your next summer staycation.
31) Go to the Humane Society and give an animal some exercise and attention.
32) Adopt a grandparent – check your local nursing home to see about visiting opportunities.


33) Go to the playground or park.
34) Go on an insect hunt in your backyard.
35) Make shadow puppets.
36) Tell ghost stories in the dark with a flashlight.


37) Go to the beach.
38) Go to the museum on a free admission day.
39) Play hide-and-seek.
40) Have a pillow fight.
41) Go geocaching.
42) Help out at a community garden in your area.
43) Have a scavenger hunt.
44) Work on a scrapbook together.
45) Visit with family or close friends.
46) Solve some riddles together.
47) Go through old photos and reminisce.
48) Read a book together.
49) Play dress-up.
50) Thumb wrestle.

Did I miss anything? What are your favorite free ways to have fun as a family?