100 Days of Christmas – Day 31

Here’s a frugal way to make your dining table more festive: hang simple bulbs from the chandelier with pretty ribbon! Last year, Walmart had 8-24 pks of these bulbs (depending on size) for $5 each.

Other ways to use inexpensive bulbs for pretty holiday decorations:


  1. How were you able to get the balls to hang the way they are in the photo?

  2. Hi folks – The 100 Days of Christmas series is here to share links to holiday ideas found across the web. This one is from last year (2011) and the link to the original Pinterest photo is no longer active. 🙁

  3. It kind of looks like there are several strands of looped ribbon and the balls are strung along the length of ribbon at different intervals?

  4. would like to know how it was put together. It’s a great look!!