100 Days of Christmas – Day 1

Can you believe we have just 100 days left until Christmas? I have tons of easy and affordable ideas for decorating, gift giving and cooking up some fun this holiday season. Join me every day as I share one. First up, visit Better Homes and Gardens for 19 ways to decorate with cranberries. This one is an elegant candle holder containing a small votive surrounded by salt (or artificial snow) and cranberries.

You can scroll through HERE (past this post) to view the 100 ideas I shared last year!


  1. OH YAY! I have been secretly getting excited about this! So glad you are doing them again this year. : D For me it kinda replaces that Christmas-catalog-in-the-mail feeling, that we no longer get to experience.

  2. YES!! You just made my day! I am so happy you decided to do this again!!!!! I loved seeing these posts every day last year and I have been wondering if you were going to do it again. Thank you so much for doing this :)

  3. Can’t believe it is 100 days till Christmas. Right now I could use the cooler weather. :)

  4. I enjoy your 100 days to Christmas segment. It’s hard to believe Christmas is that close.